Our Work

At Caldwell-Cline Architects and Designers, we specialize in designing high-end residential and commercial properties with a unique, knowledgeable approach.

In the initial stages of a project, we determine how the elements that will be developed will relate to each other and the surrounding community. This is important whether we are designing a single residence, a community with several homes, a larger collection of homes or a mixed-use development that will incorporate both residential and commercial elements.


Residential architecture has been our main focus since we were established in 1999. Whether a custom build, or a predesigned plan, we design quality craftsman style homes that meet client needs, reflect their personality, and stand out in their neighborhoods without looking out of place.


Commercial development creates opportunities for Caldwell-Cline to design buildings that are functional without sacrificing architectural character. We design commercial properties with features that complement it’s surroundings and are aesthetically pleasing.

Land Planning

We also specialize in land planning for residential and commercial developments. As we design the layout of the community we are also considering how the individual homes will be affected by the decisions that are made during this early design process. The initial land plan is a valuable tool to give direction to the civil engineer for final construction documents, for zoning applications or for initial feasibility and lot yield studies.