Custom Home Drawing Video by Architect Roger Caldwell

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Caldwell-Cline Architects & Designers designs classic architecture, inspired by the vision of clients, with utmost quality. Always drawn by hand, our designs are truly unique and feature distinctive character. Our work results in a high-end home or building our clients are proud to own.

Beginning with the site, we work to design the floor plans of any project to maximize the potential presented by the property and the program. Once the plan design is established, we work closely with the client to design the exterior of the structure to capture the desired architectural character. Our experience in a wide variety of architectural vernaculars allows us to create projects that capture the details and proportions of any style. Creating buildings that are historically influenced but incorporate modern functions and amenities is our specialty at Caldwell-Cline.

The design of any form of architecture should be a representation of the personalities of the individuals who will use the building combined with the functions that make the building work. At Caldwell-Cline Architects and Designers, our initial objective is to understand both the client and the specific factors that will drive the design of their project. Whether the project is a custom home, custom designed community, amenity building or golf course clubhouse, understanding the needs of the client and the way in which the building will be used are paramount in the design.

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